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Famiglietti & Volpe is a full service Workers' Compensation Defense firm with two locations to serve our clients.  Our main office is located in The City of Orange; while our Northern California office is located in Sacramento.  Our Orange office covers all WCAB locations from Fresno to San Diego; while our Sacramento location covers all WCAB locations from Stockton to Eureka. 

We consider ourselves part of a team dedicated to protection of the legitimate and often forgotten interest of the employer and insurance carrier/administrator in civil litigation, subrogation, workers' compensation, and related matters. We work with insurance carriers, third-party administrators and self insured/administered employers who wish to aggressively defend themselves in the workers' compensation and civil arenas.

We appreciate the immense cost of legal services. By our expeditious handling of your cases and with our reasonable rates, we help you keep those costs under control.  In doing so, our offices offer varying rates when performing different aspects of the claim, including flat rates to walk through settlement documentation.  

The current legal environment emphasizes efficiency and prompt communication in the handling of claims. We intend to make sure our clients meet their obligations expeditiously, while protecting them from the pitfalls inherent in an era of change.

With respect to WORKERS' COMPENSATION DEFENSE and related matters (Serious & Willful Misconduct; Discrimination, etc.) we are prepared to assist and represent you at Workers' Compensation Appeals Boards throughout Northern and Southern  California. Our central office location provides access to multiple Board locations.   

With respect to CIVIL MATTERS and THIRD-PARTY SUBROGATION, we are prepared to handle cases filed at Superior and Municipal courts throughout Northern and Southern California.

In summary, we believe our firm provides skillful, professional representation at the most reasonable rates. We hope that you will keep us in mind for your ongoing legal needs. Thank you for allowing us this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We look forward to working with you.  

Main Office:
Famiglietti & Volpe, Inc.
1748 West Katella Avenue
Suite 209
Orange, California 92867

Northern California Office:
180 Promenade Circle
Suite 300
Sacramento, California 95834

Phone (714) 221-2900

Fax (714) 221-2901

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